Purchase Procedures
As international scrap metal traders we are the buyers and suppliers of non-ferrous and ferrous metals processing throughout the Far East, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, America and Africa.

Our trading of metals ferrous and non – ferrous is under ISRI specification
  • Ferrous Metals: The term ferrous is derived from the latin “Ferrum” meaning "containing iron", thus ferrous metals contain iron. Ferrous metals may be essentially pure iron, like wrought iron, or they may be alloys of iron and other elements. Steel, for example, is an alloy of iron and carbon.
  • Non – Ferrous Metals: These are non – magnetic metals. Any metal other than iron and its alloys.
Below is the classification of materials with ISRI specification we buy and sell as scrap metal merchants are as follows:
Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Brass / Copper Scrap:   
  • Brass/Copper Ingots
  • Lead/Zinc Ingots
  • Lead/Zinc Scrap
  • Copper Wire
  • Tin Ingots
  • Zinc Ingots       
  • Aluminum Scrap/Aluminum Alloys/Ingots                       
  • Cadmium Metal  Nickel
  • Brass/Copper sheet, Circle.       
  • Copper Profile
  • DRUID (Insulated Copper Wire Scrap)
  • Nickel Silver Scrap/Ingot
  • Relay (Lead Copper Cable) 
Ferrous Metals
  • No. 1 Heavy Melting Steel Scrap
  • No. 2Heavy  Metal Steel Scrap
  • Re-Roll able Steel Scrap
  • Rail Scrap
  • Steel Billets
  • Steel Ingots
  • Specialized Steel Scrap
  • Cast Iron Scrap
  • Manganese Steel Scrap                       
  • Shredded Clippings
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